Max Prenner also plays his songs solo. Or in a duo. Or in a trio. But it sounds best in a band formation. 

The musicians come from different genres and enrich Max Prenner’s music with their different roots and approaches – whether live or in the studio

Just colorful.

Ralf Thenner

Bass, Electric Bass
… brings a modern-groovy touch to the band with his love for Jazz&Fusion. Which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also make the ballads float with great sensitivity! After all, he can also look back on a lot of stage experience in many formations from the most diverse styles.

Lisa Prandstätter

Vocals, Saxophon, Flute
… presents herself in the big band just as confidently as in Latin bands and in vocal ensembles. Her fascinating timbre and improvisations, both vocal and instrumental, have recently added a special touch to the live sound of the quintet.
Lisa Trikotirxikovats

Harald Fink

Accordion, Keyboards, Vocals
Harald is a multitalent in the eastern Austrian music scene: from rock, musical, church music to jazz – many musicians appreciate his musicality. He was also significantly involved in the sound of the CD “tiramtiro!
Harald am Akkordion

Sabrina Winter

… has been with us from the beginning, but is now devoting herself to her maternity leave. Otherwise she is mainly in her own thing, namely in Austropop on the road and has released her first (quite great) songs and videos last year. The fact that she is also a wonderful jazz singer can be heard on the CD “tiramtiro! To hear.
Sabrina Winter

Rainer Gartner

Drums, Percussion

Groovy, energetic, but also much, much feeling – that’s Rainer. Through his national and international experience as a musician, nothing can shake him – and his groove – on stage so quickly. 

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