Max Prenner

About Max Prenner

Actually Markus, but everyone knows him as Max. That’s just how it should be…

Born in 1966 in the actual capital of Burgenland, Vienna. Grew up in southern Burgenland, in Hianzenland. After the high school diploma in Güssing back to Vienna. Studies. Theology and education. Focus on philosophy and Jewish studies. Musician and musician from childhood. 

Broadened his guitar horizon with Gabriel Guillen (classical) and Gerald Gradwohl (jazz) at the Haydnkons Eisenstadt.

Lives and works for a long time in central Burgenland. More than 10 years ago then arrived in northern Burgenland, more precisely in Oslip/Uzlop. There internalized the Croatian to the Hianzisch.

Pannonian colorful.

Max Prenner
Youth worker. Teacher. Lecturer and trainer. Focus: politics, ideologies and South-East Europe. Cheese sommelier. Now solid as a professor at the Gymnasium Eisenstadt and at the Pädagogische Hochschule Burgenland.

Professionally colorful..

He doesn’t clichés at all. With conventions less and less. Preconceived categories and styles He prefers to be elusive. Self-definition commuter. Between folk song and pop, chanson and jazz, between languages and dialects, between bluesy melancholy and deep joy of life. His music is like that, too.

Active as a composer, arranger, lyricist and of course musician for many different formations. Guitar(s), tamburica, vocals. Especially with the Burgenland Croatian group PAX and his former band HEIGEIGN. With them in pubs just as at home, as at major festivals. Highlights: Porgy&Bess, Glatt&Verkehrt, WorldMusicFestival Wr. Neustadt, WienKultur and so on. Then creative time out. Taking a breath. Creative refueling. Now embarked on their own musical paths. 2022 Album “tiramtiro!”. Digital and analog. The latter in the recording studio with analog grandmaster Thomas Pronai.

Technically colorful.

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